Major Plus Comp

Main features
  • Very high surface hardness.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Precise occlusal profiles.
  • Natural appearance of shades and moulds.
  • Permanent color stability
  • Cuspidal inclination of anatomical moulds between 25° and 28°.

MAJOR PLUS COMP are made of 4 resin layers

  • cervical
  • dentine
  • enamel
  • glasure

Cervical and dentine are in acrylic resin to ensure a perfect chemical bonding to the denture base and give a high elasticity to the tooth itself. The enamel is in composite material to ensure the maintenance of the vertical dimension allowing the denture to last for a long time.

The complete assortment of 14 anterior moulds and 18 posterior moulds is available in the A1-D4 shade guide. The posterior moulds are available in both Anatomical, Technical and WFA version.

Sale formats
  • T2031 Major Plus Comp Anterior set – Color: A1-D4 x6 Conf.: 1 x 6
  • T2032 Major Plus Comp Posterior set – Color: A1-D4 x8 Conf.: 1 x 8
  • T2052 Major Plus Comp WFA – Color: A1-D4 x8 Conf.: 1 x 8