Major Plus

Main features
  • High hardness and resistance to abrasion.
  • Precise occlusal profiles.
  • New and natural aesthetics of the moulds.
  • Suitable for any mounting technique.
  • Cuspidal inclination of anatomical moulds between 25° and 28°.
  • Appropriate for any kind of total and partial prosthesis.


Specifically developed to achieve prestigious functional and aesthetic results in the modern prosthetic. Manufactured with acrylic material, the posterior moulds are available in both Anatomical, Technical and WFA version. The complete assortment of 48 anterior moulds and 26 posterior moulds.

The MAJOR PLUS WFA tooth follows the mounting philosophy according to Prof. Albert Gerber, the palatal cusp of the upper 5th, 6th and 7th tooth occludes in the respective fossa of the lower 5th, 6th and 7th tooth; in the 4th tooth this occlusion is reversed. The term WFA (Wide Functional Area) indicates the type of occlusion done during the mastication, when not only one point of contact is affected but a large functional area of around 2 mm.
The need to simplify and speed up the clinical and technical procedures, maintaining high quality standard, suggested the selection of three posterior moulds: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE adaptable to any of the anterior Major Plus moulds.

Sale formats
  • T2011 – Major Plus Anterior set – A1-D4 x6
  • T2012 – Major Plus Posterior set- A1-D4 x8
  • T2062 – Major Plus WFA -A1-D4 x8