Main features

Colours matching Major.Base.20 shades.
High dimensional stability.
High colour stability.
Low tenor of residual monomer.

To repair prosthesis.
To rebase prosthesis.
For temporary prosthesis.

Technical Standard: ISO 20795-1:2013 tipo 2 – classe 1
Flexural strength: 66,4 MPa
Flexural modulus: 2217 MPa
Water absorption: 21,2 mg / mm3
Water solubility: 1,4 mg / mm3
Residual monomer: 4,0 %

Self curing resin for dental prosthesis.
Poly-methylmethacrylate based.
Powder and liquid.
For repairs and rebasing dentures.
Colours: k, kv, i, iv, m, mv. has been developed in order to reach the highest quality standard. performs high dimensional and colour stability and a perfect chemical bonding to denture base polymers.

Sale formats
  • C3100 Liquid 10 x 500 ml
  • C3110 Powder 10 x 500 g
  • C3120 Intro Set – Powder 100 g + Liquid 100 ml
  • C3121 Standard Set (include Plastic box + Measures)