Main features

High dimensional stability.
High colour stability.
Suitable for different working techniques.

Removable orthodontic appliances.
Prosthetic “bites”.
Transparent plates for teeth mounting.

Flexural strength: 50 MPa
Flexural modulus: 1770 MPa
Water absorption: 17,0 mg / mm3
Water solubility: 3,6 mg / mm3

Self curing polymer. Poly-methylmethacrylate based.
Powder and liquid.
For the construction of removable orthodontic appliances, prosthetic bites and transparent plates for teeth mounting in total prosthesis.
Colours (liquid): pink, transparent.

Sale formats
  • C3300 Liquid 10 x 500 ml
  • C3310 Powder 10 x 500 g
  • C3320 Intro Set – Powder 100 g + Liquid 100 ml
  • C3321 Standard Set – Powder 2×500 g + Liquid 1×500 ml