Medium viscosity, addition curing, elastomeric monophase impression material based on polyvinylsiloxane.

Ormaplus Monophase


    Monophase impression material for taking impressions over fixed/removable restorations and implants (transferring impression posts and bridge components).

    Medium viscosity impression material for functional impressions.

    Medium viscosity, monophase impression material for use when fabricating crowns and bridges or inlays.

    Medium viscosity impression material for reline impressions.

    Syringeable impression material for use in the simultaneous mixing technique as well as the sandwich, putty/wash and triple tray techniques.

    Medium viscosity, monophase impression material for transferring root posts when fabricating posts and cores indirectly.

    Copper ring impressions.


    Mixing Time: 5" (mixer)

    Working Time (at 23°C): 2'00"

    Intraoral Setting Time: 2'00"

    Total Setting Time: 4'00"


    M3011 - Ormaplus Monophase 100 ml (2 x 50 ml + 12 Mixing Tips)

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