A polysiloxane based, condensation curing material, exclusively designed for extra oral use in the dental laboratory. Ormalab 85 is useful whenever high quality performances are required. CAD compatible material.



Counter-mould for removable prosthesis in heat-curing resins

Masks for composite and polyglass composite provisional

Masks for gingival reproduction in indirect technique

Masks for prosthesis in self-curing resins

Repair of removable prosthesis




    Ormalab 85


      Perfect compatibility with cold-curing acrylic resins.

      High heat-resistance: over 110°C without alterations.

      High precision in details reproduction.

      Long lasting dimensional stability.

      Very high compressive strength and recovery from deformation.

      Final hardness (after 24 h): 85 (±3) Shore A

      Shelf Life: 2 years


      Working Time (at 23°C): 3′00″

      Setting Time (at 23°C): 12′00″


      M8500 - Ormalab 85 (1600 g / 900 ml)

      M8510 - Ormalab 85 (5 kg)

      M8520 - Ormalab 85 (5 kg) + 2 Ormactivator (60 ml)

    Silicones and Alginates for dental impressions

    Synthetic polymer teeth for total and partial dental prosthesis and implants

    Innovative Veneering system for composite facets on implant prosthesis

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