Vinyl polysiloxane based, addition-curing duplicating material for laboratory use.

ORMADUPLO 22 has been specifically formulated to meet any lab technician's requirement when working with removable or fixed prosthesis. It allows to achieve perfect and bubble free model duplications with an optimal details reproduction and a long lasting dimensional stability, for perfect results even in the most difficult situations.
The high elasticity and tearing resistance make removal of the model from the silicone an easy and safe task.

Ormaduplo 22


    Mixing Ratio (Base : Catalyst): 1 : 1

    Final Hardness (after 24 h): 22 (±1) Shore A

    Recovery from deformation: 99,95 %

    Linear dimensional change: – 0,05 %

    Shelf Life: 2 years


    Working Time (at 23°C): 3′00″

    Setting Time (at 23°C): 12′00″


    M3090 Ormaduplo 22 – 1 kg Massa Base + 1 kg Catalyst

    M3096 Ormaduplo 22 – 6 kg Massa Base + 6 kg Catalyst