The MajorMix 300 Alginate Mixer allows any dental clinic to obtain constantly perfect impressions while standardising the alginate mixing procedure. MajorMix 300 will always produce a smooth and homogeneous mixture, lumps and air-bubbles free.

The MajorMix 300 is the latest, most advanced machine on market, providing smooth mixing for bubble free impressions. The perfect mixture increases tear resistance and elasticity, resulting in more accurate impressions and casts. Less alginate wasted and more time gained.

The flat digital control panel, with no raised buttons, has been specifically designed for extra protection and easier cleaning.

    MajorMix 300 Alginate Mixer


      • Enhanced motor delivering high-speed torsion and ensuring fine mixing.
      • Soft Start Function - Smoother Operation
      • Steel Casing
      • Easy to use and to clean
      • Multiple memory settings
      • Timer 1 – 20 Sec
      • 2900 – 3600 RPM
      • Includes: 1 x Spatula, 1 x Stirring Stick, 4 x Bowls, 1 x Magnetic Holder
      • Weight 17kg
      • Dimensions: 300H x 205W x 245D

      E9000 MajorMix300 - Alginate Mixer - 1 attrezzatura

    Silicones and Alginates for dental impressions

    Synthetic polymer teeth for total and partial dental prosthesis and implants

    Innovative Veneering system for composite facets on implant prosthesis

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