Permanently soft, polyvinyl siloxane liner for direct and indirect use.
Biocompatible material. It doesn’t release monomer and heat.

Major Total Soft


    Major Total Soft has fluid consistency, it is easy to apply and it prevents air voids being entrapped during the dispensing of the material.

    Thanks to its high resilience and final softness, Major Total Soft is well tolerated by patients.

    The silicone soft liner is a hydrophobic material and, combined with its relevant sealer, it avoids liquid absorption and protects the prosthesis from infiltrations.

    Major Total Soft is monomer free.

    Major Total Soft è biologically inactive.

    The adhesive bonds the silicone soft liner to the denture acrylic reliably.

    Major Total Soft is smooth and dimensionally stable.

    Major Total Soft resists to the tensions exerted by masticatory loads.

    Major Total Soft can be used directly by the dentist or it can be processed in a laboratory using standard reliners.

    The material is fully odourless and it doesn’t lose color.

    Major Total Soft is supplied in a pale rose color suitable for every aesthetical need.


    C3500 - Major Total Soft - Standard Set

    C3501 - Major Total Soft - Refill Package

    C3508 - MTS Cartridge - 50 ml

    C3502 - MTS Silicone Sealant - 50 ml