Self curing resin for dental prosthesis.
Poly-methylmethacrylate based.
Powder and liquid.
For repairs and rebasing dentures.
Colours: k, kv, i, iv, m, mv. has been developed in order to reach the highest quality standard. performs high dimensional and colour stability and a perfect chemical bonding to denture base polymers.



    Colours matching Major.Base.20 shades.

    High dimensional stability.

    High colour stability.

    Low tenor of residual monomer.



    To repair prosthesis.

    To rebase prosthesis.

    For temporary prosthesis.



    Technical Standard: ISO 1567

    Flexural strength: 66,4 MPa

    Flexural modulus: 2217 MPa

    Water absorption: 21,2 mg / mm3

    Water solubility: 1,4 mg / mm3

    Residual monomer: 4,0 %


    C3100 Liquid 10 x 500 ml

    C3110 Powder 10 x 500 g

    C3120 Intro Set – Powder 100 g + Liquid 100 ml

    C3121 Standard Set (include Plastic box + Measures)

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