MAJOR PLUS COMP are made of 4 resin layers


  • cervical
  • dentine
  • enamel
  • glasure.


Cervical and dentine are in acrylic resin to ensure a perfect chemical bonding to the denture base and give a high elasticity to the tooth itself. The enamel is in composite material to ensure the maintenance of the vertical dimension allowing the denture to last for a long time.

The complete assortment of 14 anterior moulds and 18 posterior moulds is available in the A1-D4 shade guide. The posterior moulds are available in both Anatomical, Technical and WFA version.

Major Plus Comp


    Very high surface hardness.

    Excellent resistance to abrasion.

    Precise occlusal profiles.

    Natural appearance of shades and moulds.

    Permanent color stability

    Cuspidal inclination of anatomical moulds between 25° and 28°.


    T2031 Major Plus Comp Anterior set -  Color: A1-D4 x6 Conf.: 1 x 6
    T2032 Major Plus Comp Posterior set - Color: A1-D4 x8 Conf.: 1 x 8
    T2052 Major Plus Comp WFA - Color: A1-D4 x8 Conf.: 1 x 8