Silicones and Alginates for dental impressions

Synthetic polymer teeth for total and partial dental prosthesis and implants

Innovative Veneering system for composite facets on implant prosthesis

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MAJOR AF LINK C is a line of light curing composite materials to be used with the MAJOR AF COMP veneering facings. 


MAJOR AF LINK C includes the following products:

  • B4551 - Metal Primer
  • B4553 - C Bonding
  • B4552 - Bondopaquer OC-Pink
  • B4511 - Dentine Flow (Extra Light, light, Medium, Dark)
  • B4521 - Paste Opaquer (Light, Medium, Dark)
  • B4515 - Incisal Flow Clear
  • B4564-FM - Gengive Flow Medium Pink
  • B4564-PM/PD - Gengive Paste (Medium Pink and Dark)