MAJOR AF LINK C is a line of light curing composite materials to be used with the MAJOR AF COMP veneering facings. 


MAJOR AF LINK C includes the following products:

  • B4551 - Metal Primer
  • B4553 - C Bonding
  • B4552 - Bondopaquer OC-Pink
  • B4511 - Dentine Flow (Extra Light, light, Medium, Dark)
  • B4521 - Paste Opaquer (Light, Medium, Dark)
  • B4515 - Incisal Flow Clear
  • B4564-FM - Gengive Flow Medium Pink
  • B4564-PM/PD - Gengive Paste (Medium Pink and Dark)


    Silicones and Alginates for dental impressions

    Synthetic polymer teeth for total and partial dental prosthesis and implants

    Innovative Veneering system for composite facets on implant prosthesis

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