Top quality alginate with a new and refined formulation to achieve the maximum level of detail reproduction, optimal elasticity and tear resistance when taking the impression.
Thanks to the M.A.P. technology (modified atmosphere packaging) the product shelf life is 6 years.
The excellent dimensional stability allows casting of the impression after 5 days (if correctly stored in sealed container).

Available in fast or normal setting.

Algeniux Normal


    • Aroma: Mint.
    • Color: Pink.
    • Superior elasticity and tear resistance.
    • Stabilized hypoallergenic formula.
    • High flow and easy mixing.
    • Excellent biocompatibility.
    • Dust free powder for safe working and cleaning ease.
    • Excellent gypsum compatibility.
    • Very high compressive strength and recovery from deformation.

    Mixing Time: 35"
    Working Time: 1' 40"

    Minimum Setting Time in mouth: 80"
    Initial Setting Time: 1' 40"
    Total Setting Time: 3'00"


    A7010 Algeniux - Normal setting 10 x 453 g
    A7024 Algeniux - Normal setting 24 x 453 g