Ormaplus LV

Main features
  • Base and catalyst pastes mixing ease.
  • Fast intraoral setting time (2’30″) which is pleasant for patients.
  • Perfect chemical bonding between putty and light bodied materials.
  • High hydrophilicity and tear resistance.
  • Easy disinfection without dimensional alterations.
  • Permanent dimensional stability.
  • Perfect compatibility with any kind of plaster (natural or synthetic).
  • Possibility of casting the same impression several times.
  • Odourless and tasteless material for a better patient’s comfort.

Polyvinyl siloxane based, low viscosity, addition curing material, for second precision impression.
Fast set (indicated for the “two-step putty/wash” technique) providing a reduced intraoral setting time (2’45”) for a better patient’s comfort.
Regular set (indicated for the “one-step putty/wash” technique) providing a standard intraoral setting time (4’00″).
Ormaplus LV is a thixotropic impression material for putty/wash (one step and two steps), sandwich and reline impressions. Due to the use of new surface-active components in Ormaplus LV formulation, the hydrophilicity of the product is more marked and leads to the realization of accurately detailed impressions even in presence of oral fluids.Thanks to the high tear-resistance of Ormaplus LV, the interdental septae reproductions are not ripped while removing the impression from the mouth or while casting the model.

Setting times

Ormaplus LV Fast
Mixing Time: 5″
Total Working Time: 1’15”
Intraoral Setting Time: 2’45”
Setting Time: 4’00”

Ormaplus LV Regular
Mixing Time: 5″
Working Time: 1’45”
Intraoral Setting Time: 4’00”
Setting Time: 5’45”

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