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Major AF Line

High quality dental veneering system for lab use

The MAJOR AF LINE is a veneering system made of a line of composite multi-layer facings and teeth complemented with a range of light curing materials specifically designed to obtain life-like restorations on implant prosthesis.

The MAJOR AF LINK may be used for a wide range of dental treatments, both by the dentists in their own clinics and by technicians in the laboratories.

The multi-layered teeth and facings, in composite materials, have been developed to match natural aesthetics with functional concepts. They may be used in combination with the MAJOR AF link of cements, bonding agents,light curing composites and acrylic resin materials for characterization of aesthetic implant restorations.

The entire MAJOR AF link has been projected to grant an optimal materials compatibility while achieving excellent results thanks to the wide range of available shades.

The MAJOR AF link may be used in several different types of veneering and aesthetic restorations on implant prosthesis, such as:

• Aesthetic diagnostic try-ins

• Conical and telescope crowns

• Implant supported restorations

• Permanent and temporary crowns and bridges

• Occlusal Veneers

• Combined prosthesis

• Temporary and total prosthesis


The MAJOR AF LINK allows dentists the realization of implant prosthesis in a very easy and fast way, achieving greater time and cost savings using the composite veneers as temporary aesthetic try-ins. In this way, patients can immediately evaluate the final results of the permanent implant to be made in the laboratory at a later time, using the same selected facings.


The use of the MAJOR AF LINK to make combined prosthesis together with the MAJOR PLUS COMP artificial teeth allows optimal results in terms of shades uniformity and occlusal functionality. The MAJOR PLUS COMP artificial teeth have been developed together with the veneer facings to obtain a range of shades and moulds which matches the MAJOR AF COMP LINE.


The MAJOR AF light curing composites for stratifications and aesthetic restorations may be directly applied on the veneer facings using the MAJOR AF LINK bonding agents. These composites were developed to grant a stable and durable adhesion. The MAJOR AF light curing composites and acrylic resins allow the realization of an almost endless combination of characterizations achieving excellent aesthetic and functional results.


  • Immediate visibility of the aesthetic result

  • Adaptability to all types of prosthetic implants

  • Can be used with composite or acrylic resins

  • Wide range of aesthetic characterizations

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